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I started out racing Junior dragsters when I was 11 years old. I'm a Junior Dragster 7 time Ihra Track champion and 1998 Ihra World Champion. I have spent years of research and development to design a chassis that will work with a variety of engine, clutch, driver Weight andgrueling track demands. The T/F chassis we have to offer will handle your big inch rhino power and the demands of ET class racing without sacrificing Consistency or drivability.

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Why Build a Chassis with the motor mounted high in the rear? Many of the Jr Dragster chassis you see built these days have the motor mounted as high as the rear tires and looks like a Roto Tiller. What is the pourpse of this, Is it easier to work on?

Why Not to mount your motor High up in a Race car. Mounting your motor higher than your rear axle creates a force that lifts the rear tires up when launching. This is what causes the constant unloading that you hear through the 60 ft and some times even through the 330. Many try to compensate for this problem by adding weight, changing the clutch or gearing the car. When this unloading occurs, the chassis cannot react quick enough because the weight is up high and the chain is pulling weight off the rear tires. I design my chassis so that I can achieve the lowest drive line. When the motor is mounted low and the jackshaft is below the rear axle, the chain pulls the tires down into the track allowing the chassis to remain loaded during acceleration. I have back halfed newer chassis that have the late model "Roto Tiller Design" to myrear enddesignand they have not only achieved more consistent Engine rpm, CHT, and EGT Readings, but have shaved a Tenth and a half off their ET and have better round to round Consistency.

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